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If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and are generally well, you do not need to see a Doctor or Nurse.

Most people who are fully vaccinated and boosted Covid will likely have a mild to moderate illness and you will be fine to recover at home.

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You only need to see a Doctor if your condition is worsening, or you are eligible for free antivirals.

Antiviral Eligibility

see a Doctor if you have Covid Rotorua Medical Group
  • Māori or Pacific people aged 50 or over
  • everyone aged 65 or over
  • anyone aged 50 or over with fewer than 2 COVID-19 vaccinations
  • anyone with a severely weakened immune system
  • anyone with Down syndrome
  • anyone with sickle cell disease
  • anyone who has previously been in critical or high dependency hospital care from COVID-19
  • anyone with 3 or more high-risk medical conditions.

If you have tested positive for COVID and need to see a Doctor, please call us to arrange an appointment.

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