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Welcome to Rotorua Medical Group

We provide high quality, low-cost healthcare during the week from our two clinics in Rotorua City and Fairy Springs. 

We have an experienced team of family doctors, nurses and health professionals to help you take care of your medical and health needs. We focus on building relationships with you, so you can better maintain your health and wellbeing.

Your Medical Care

Routine Appointments

For non-urgent or existing conditions you can book an appointment to see a doctor or nurse. There is usually a 2-3 week wait time for an appointment.

Urgent Care

For acute issues that need to be seen quickly we provide a phone triage clinic with a doctor or nurse. There are limited spots. Please call us to see what is available. 

After Hours

After hours care is provided by Lakes PrimeCare. When you call us outside of our normal hours, your call will be automatically transferred to them.

Our Services

We have a whole team of Doctors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Health Care Assistants and Support Staff to support and help manage your health.

Whether you’re young, old, a family, couple or an individual we work hard to provide the best possible care for you in a safe and supportive environment.

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