Location and parking

Where is Rotorua Medical Group?

We have two modern health centres for you to choose from:

Central Health

1181 Amohia Street, Rotorua

Fairy Springs Medical Centre

10/100 Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua

Where do I park?

Both centres have ample parking off the road directly in front of the building, with several disability car parks close to the doors.

Doctor’s appointments

Do I need to have an appointment to see a doctor or nurse?

We recommend that you call to make an appointment. You can choose which location you would like to visit and the doctor you would prefer to see. If that doctor is not available we will let you know who else you could see.

We also run an Urgent Care Clinic at both sites, each morning 8.30am to 11.00am, please call to check availability

How do I make an appointment?

All you need to do is call our friendly reception staff on 07 347 0000 to make an appointment or register for Manage My Health and make an appointment online.

How long is a standard consultation? What if I need longer?

The standard scheduled appointment time for a doctor’s consultation is 20 minutes.
If you think you may need longer or have several health matters to discuss please mention this to our staff when you are making your appointment.

We can book a longer appointment for you to ensure you have enough time to discuss your health needs (Please be aware that additional fees may apply).

Can I choose which doctor or nurse I see?

When you call to make an appointment you can choose who you would prefer to see.

If your preferred doctor or nurse is not available our friendly reception staff will let you know who else is available.

What if my usual doctor is away or not available?

We have a team of nine experienced doctors and can provide continuity of care even when your usual doctor is away.

If your usual doctor is away, then you can choose to see any of our other doctors.

Can I bring a support person to my appointment?

We want to make sure you feel comfortable when you visit your nurse or doctor.

You are welcome to bring along a support person to your appointments.

What if there are no appointments available?

In the rare situation that there are no appointments with any of our doctors available we will take your name and number and call you if we have a cancellation.

If it is an urgent health matter, our reception staff will put your call through to a nurse to discuss if we can help you.

We also have our Urgent Care Clinics which run each morning Mon to Fri:

  • Central Health 8.30am – 11.00am
  • Fairy Springs Medical Centre  8.30am – 11.00am

Can a doctor see me at home?

Yes, it is possible for a doctor to see you at home, but only if necessary.

We can arrange home visits for the elderly and frail, or if you are severely unwell and cannot make it to a Centre.

Please ask to speak to one of our nurses, if you think a house call may be necessary.

Please be aware that a call out fee will apply.

How much will a consultation cost?

A standard GP/Nurse fee shall apply to all consultations, regardless of whether it is a follow up appointment for a recurring issue or to discuss test results.

Children under the age of six are free. For a list of our current charges please see our fees.

When do I have to pay for my consultation?

We require payment on the day of your consultation or treatment.

To help manage your health care costs you can set up an automatic payment so that the consultation charges can be met when you need them, spreading the cost at no extra charge.

You can request an automatic payment form from reception.

What payment options are there?

We accept payment by cash, EFTPOS, Mastercard, VISA and direct credit.

To help plan and budget for your medical costs you can set up an automatic payment.  Please ask our reception staff for an automatic payment form.

Is there a charge for repeat prescriptions or referral letters?

Yes there is a charge of for repeat prescriptions and for referral letters.

Please ask our staff at reception for the fees for these services.

Test results and medical records

How do I find out test results?

We will endeavour to contact you if any of your tests have abnormal results.

If you don’t hear from us and are concerned about your results please contact one of our nurses.

If the doctor asks you to make an appointment to come back and see them for the results of your test, please note that there will be a charge for this review.

Can I access my medical records?

You are entitled to access your medical records.

Please talk to our staff at reception and they will be able to help.


Where can I get my prescriptions filled?

Both our Central Health and Fairy Springs Medical Centres have onsite pharmacies and they can fill your prescription while you wait following your doctors consultation.

You can also take your prescription to any pharmacy in New Zealand.

What if I need a repeat prescription?

Please call us to request a repeat prescription.

If your repeat prescription can be provided without a doctor or nurse consultation it will be ready to collect from reception 48 hours after the request.

In some cases you will need to see a nurse or doctor before the prescription can be given, and you will be advised if you need an appointment.

If you have long term medication you will need at least one annual medical review by your doctor, some will need a medical review six monthly and others three monthly or even monthly.

Please discuss the frequency of your medical reviews with your doctor at your next appointment.


How can I contact my doctor?

Please contact our reception staff on 07 347 0000 to contact your doctor.

After hours care

What if I get sick after hours? Where can I see a doctor?

To see a doctor after hours you will need to visit Lakes PrimeCare on Tutanekai Street or go to the emergency department at Rotorua Hospital.

If you need urgent help please don’t hesitate to call 111 for an ambulance.