“FREE” Shingles Vaccine

The Shingles Vaccine will be FREE for those aged 65 years from 1st April 2018 and for those aged 66-80 years from 1st April 2018 until 31st March 2020.

The Shingles Vaccine won’t be suitable for everyone so our advice is to talk to your doctor first.

Around 1 in 3 people will get Shingles in their lifetime.  Shingles is more common and can be more severe as you get older.  Two thirds of Shingles cases occur in people aged 50 years and older.  Shingles can appear as an unsightly, blistering rash and can be even more painful than it looks.

A single dose vaccine reduces the risk of developing Shingles – and its associated short and long term pain

For further information visit www.shingles.co.nz